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  • Performance Review: “Dismantling: Tactic 1”

    Written By: kuwa jasiri Tyombe Indomela (this one/that one) Feedback By: Elizabeth Cooper (she/her) Photo by Robby Sweeny We arrive at Joe Goode Annex, in Ohlone Territory, so called San Francisco, California the evening of January 6th. We ascend the staircase, shuffle through the lobby, into an blank theatre for FRESH Festival. The crowd ceases […]
  • ‘What do our bodies mean in this space?’: Spotlight on SALTA collective and emerging artists at FRESH

    Due to a number of factors, I ended up taking an hour-long walk to the venue for the SALTA event at CTRL + SHFT on Sunday 15th January. Past a group of homeless people living under a bridge having their encampment broken up by police. Past the freeway down 34th street, Oakland, CA, into a […]
  • Empathy, Rapture & In/Visible Layers: FRESH Performance Round-Up, Week Two

    Francesca Lisette takes a whistle-stop tour through the offerings in FRESH Festival’s second week of dance and performance art. FRESH Festival 2017 offers a dazzling showcase of appetising new works featuring talents from the Bay Area, in a variety of states. Some pieces are works in progress, some are site-specific and specially commissioned, and others […]
  • Week One of FRESH 2017: Guts, Meridians and Brains

    FRESH Festival 2017 has fearlessly ushered in the new year with a jam-packed week of dance practices, performances, potlucks, and musical interludes. Berlin-based writer and artist Francesca Lisette takes a look at the first week of workshops with Kathleen Hermesdorf & Albert Mathias, Sara Shelton Mann and Jess Curtis. I arrived at FRESH 2017 completely […]
  • A partial guide to the treasures in Ernesto’s collection of articles for Dance Discourse Project 21

    A partial guide to the treasures in Ernesto’s collection of articles for Dance Discourse Project 21

      With this conversation we hope to engage with participants, panelists and the community at large on large questions around agency and self efficacy.  How are we implicated in the current state of our communities? We call upon you for support, for advice, for dialogue and knowledge share; for your practical, poetic and aspirational assessments […]
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