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FRESH Exchanges are social and interactive events created to cultivate, invigorate and cross-pollinate the dance, music and performance communities. FRESH 2018 presents 14 inclusive and insightful gatherings at Red Poppy Art House [2698 Folsom Street, SF], Joe Goode Annex [410 Alabama Street, SF] and F8 Nightclub [1192 Folsom Street, SF] in San Francisco, and Finnish Hall [1970 Chestnut Street, Berkeley]. FRESH Exchanges are free or $5-10 [notaflof].

FRESH Exchanges are designed as Happy Hours, offering social space with live music by Albert Mathias and guests; RIPE [raw + intimate performance experiments], showcasing brand new work, artist input and audience feedback; POTLUCK/Social Practice, collaborating on cozy coexistence; Alternative Conservatory, thinking outside the box; fresh finnish/middle/start, a performance showcase; and EnQueery Within/Queer this Jam!, an Axis Syllabus-influenced Contact Improvisation class and jam.


Monday, January 8 – Happy Hours
live music by Albert Mathias + Andrew Kushin
6-9pm | F8 Nightclub | free

Tuesday, January 9 – RIPE (raw + intimate performance experiments)
Amy + Hannah Wasielewski | Randy Reyes
facilitated by Alexis Akridge
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Wednesday, January 10 – POTLUCK/Social Practice – KNIFE
José Navarrete + Debby Kajiyama
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Thursday, January 11 – Alternative Conservatory
Our Common Pros
lecture/performance with C.D. Fisher
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Sunday, January 14 – I’m Exhausted So my Soul is Rested: Transnational Epistolaries
performances curated by Chani Bockwinkel + Indira Allegra
8-10pm | Finnish Hall, Berkeley | $5-10

Monday, January 15 – Happy Hours
live music by Albert Mathias + Nerve Pincher
6-9pm | F8 Nightclub | free

Tuesday, January 16 – RIPE (raw + intimate performance experiments)
Gabriel Christian | Dazaun Soleyn
facilitated by José Navarrete
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Wednesday, January 17 – POTLUCK/Social Practice
SPOON > food by Asia Wong
hosted by Kathleen Hermesdorf + Abby Crain
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Thursday, January 18 – Alternative Conservatory
Creating from/in times of crisis
panel discussion with Jadelynn Stahl, Julia Havard, and Juan Manuel Aldape from the Dance Studies Working Group
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Sunday, January 21 – EnQueery Within | Queer this Jam!
workshop + contact jam with Diana Thielen + Devin Pastika
6-11pm | Joe Goode Annex | $5-10 | Register

Monday, January 22 – Happy Hours
live music by Albert Mathias + DJ EFX
6-9pm | F8 Nightclub | free

Tuesday, January 23 – RIPE (raw + intimate performance experiments)
Kristianne Salcines + Sarah Bouars | Cookie Harrist
facilitated by Kathleen Hermesdorf
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Wednesday, January 24 – POTLUCK/Social Practice
FORK > hosting + cooking by FRESH Community
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10

Thursday, January 25 – Alternative Conservatory
Empathix: Bending Binaries, Bodies and Building Bridges
workshop facilitated by Sarah Bouars + Kristianne Salcines
7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | $5-10


Joe Goode Annex401 Alabama Street, SF

Red Poppy Art House2698 Folsom Street, SF

F8 Nightclub1192 Folsom Street, SF

Finnish Hall1970 Chestnut St., Berkeley


Mondays 1/8, 15, 22 – Happy Hours – live music with Albert Mathias + guests

6-9pm | F8 Nightclub | 1192 Folsom Street, SF | free
Happy Hours serve up live music by Albert Mathias and special guests including Andrew Kusin, Nerve Pincher, and DJ EFX in a funky SOMA club with a sweet dance floor and the best bartendress in town, Demetria. A great time to unwind, catch up, socialize, improvise, shake it up, get down, get loose and get happy. All ages. No cover. Happy Hour drink specials.
Monday, January 8 – Albert Mathias + Andrew Kushin
Monday, January 15 – Albert Mathias + Nerve Pincher
Monday, January 22 – Albert Mathias + DJ EFX

Tuesdays 1/9, 16, 23 – RIPE [raw + intimate performance experiments]

7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | 2698 Folsom Street, SF | $5-10
RIPE [raw + intimate performance experiments] invites 2 artists each week who are working on the edge of their form to share excerpts of current projects and speak about their process. Moderated group discussions to follow.

Tuesday, January 9 – Amy + Hannah Wasielewski | Randy Reyes
facilitated by Alexis Akridge

A healing – Amy + Hannah Wasielewski
We explore our connection to space, color, and energy patterns and convey what we see. We entrain, open up to synchronicity, and observe the room from different resonances, new angles. Drop in. Clear out. This is an experiment with intuition and intention.

Amy Wasielewski moved to San Francisco in January 2016. She began creating performances with her sister, Hannah, and has been deeply influenced by the history of experimental dance and performance in the city. In the summer of 2017, she completed her Bachelors degree at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where she combined her academic work with performance. She also studied energy healing at the Academy of Intuition Medicine®. Energetic, spiritual, academic, and political perspectives continue to shape her dance practice.

Hannah Wasielewski has performed her own creations as a solo artist and in collaborations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Arezzo (Italy), Ponderosa, and Earthdance. Hannah has performed in San Francisco for Sara Shelton Mann and Sara Kraft/KraftyWorks and is currently in process with Sam Stone/other dance and Kinetech Arts. She has also performed in works by Helen Walkley (Vancouver), David Dorfman (NYC), Seán Curran (NYC), and Leslie Seiters (San Diego). She teaches contact improvisation at Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island BC. She is currently studying Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Body Intelligence.

retrograde a thing or shakeshakeshake – Randy Reyes
we enter the space not choosing what we do. we take the time to listen and we move between the silence and the heartbeat. i don’t know doesn’t mean i don’t know. it means i need more time to think through the possibilities. una danza o un no-se-que. how many dimensions are there in ur reality?

Tuesday, January 16 – Gabriel Christian | Dazaun Soleyn
facilitated by José Navarrete

Black Bussy – Gabriel Christian
an equestrian movement piece

Dazaun Soleyn’s choreographic interest is in creating work that utilizes and magnifies the individual power and beauty of each artist in the room. In order for me to explore this interest, I foster a relationship-based creative environment that works towards finding the harmony between thought-provoking dialogue and rigorously physical effort.

Gabriel Christian (t(he)y/(t)him) is a multidisciplinary artist and teacher. After receiving a BA in Theatre Studies from Yale in 2013, they shifted coasts and work away from their native New York to the Bay Area. Here, they pivoted from stage performance to reifying queer desire, genderfluidity (or “juicyness”) and black resilience through a broader spectrum of movement arts. They’ve held residencies at Destiny Arts Center, Finnish Hall, and This Will Take Time, performed with director Robert Woodruff and choreographers Debby Kajiyama and José Navarrete, Jess Curtis, and Anne Bluethenthal, and mounted independent work at Counterpulse, SOMArts, and Brava Theater, amongst others. Ongoing projects include BLACK PRESENCE (, a bricolage exploration of black presence with twenty-nine blaq and brown artists, and Lxs Desaparecidxs with choreographer Randy Reyes. Upcoming shows include Revolt She Said. Revolt Again (Crowded Fire) and Queering the Wake (Queer Arts Festival 2018).

Dazaun Soleyn, originally from Brooklyn New York, graduated as the University of South Florida’s Outstanding Graduate with a BFA in Modern Dance Performance and Choreography. Upon graduation Dazaun was accepted as a Trainee at the Alonzo King LINES Ballet School (AKLBS). With AKLBS Dazaun has performed works by Sidra Bell, Kara Davis, and Maurya Kerr. Dazaun has also attended Springboard Danse Montréal where he performed works by Shannon Gillen’s VIM VIGOR Dance Company. His teaching credits include the Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program, University of South Florida, Gibney Dance Center, American Ballet School, Dance Mission Theater, and ODC Commons. Dazaun is currently a company member of Robert Moses’ Kin and at teaching artist in the bay area community.

Tuesday, January 23 – Sarah Bouars + Kristianne Salcines | Cookie Harrist
facilitated by Kathleen Hermesdorf

Maybe​ ​in​ ​the​ ​morning​ ​I​ ​say​ ​goodnight​ ​to​ ​you – Sarah Bouars + Kristianne Salcines

We have developed a practice and a ritual that helps sustain our existence under our systemic pressures from Berlin to LA. In this work, we will experience a way of existing that will offer you alternative ways of finding “the antidote” or “the answers” to the systemic struggles we find ourselves into. This work is filled with intelligence in self-love, fiercely unapologetic existence, and clever coping mechanisms. How do we celebrate what is here with us now? How do continue to feel when all we want to do is escape and be distant? How do we feed ourselves and each other of love that is there all along. This work will nourish you, literally. Food will be the string that ties us together, when what we make on stage becomes food for your minds, body, and soul.

Many/One – Cookie Harrist

Many/One is a series of body configurations sourced in reaction to personal and collective experience from February to November 2017. The work was entirely developed from distilling moments in improvisation with no additional conceptual or topical intention for the resulting product. Improvisation as real-life/real-time energetic and emotional processing dictated the direction and ultimate formation of the work.

Cookie Harrist spent the last four years producing and making experimental performance in rural Maine. In 2017, Cookie relocated to San Francisco to deepen practice and study with Bay Area teachers.  Cookie is super grateful to have worked in creative process with Sara Shelton Mann, NAKA Dance Theater, Hana van der Kolk, Asher Woodworth, Chani Bockwinkel and so many other wonderful folks.

Wednesdays 1/10, 17, 24 – POTLUCK/Social Practice

7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | 2698 Folsom Street, SF | $5-10
Collaborative meals and interactivities co-hosted by FRESH artists notorious for generating situations of connectivity, improvisation, inclusivity and direct action.

Wednesday, January 10 – hosted by José Navarrete + Debby Kajiyama, food by Jesse Hewit
Wednesday, January 17 – hosted by Kathleen Hermesdorf + Abby Crain, food by Asia Wong
Wednesday, January 24 – hosting + food by FRESH folks

Thursdays 1/11, 18, 25 – Alternative Conservatory

7:30-9:30pm | Red Poppy Art House | 2698 Folsom Street, SF | $5-10
Time to unwind, connect, absorb, consider, listen and discuss, hosted by FRESH artists notorious for disarming paradigms and thinking outside the box.

Thursday, January 11 – Our Common Pros
lecture/performance with C.D. Fisher

C.D. Fisher (b. USA, based in Berlin) futebol activist, performance artist, and researcher. Fisher co-founded the Brazil-based Guerreiras Project, an initiative promoting gender justice through futebol. She is focused on making critical expressions at the intersection of arts-sports-politics and bringing together athletes, artists, and activists to reclaim and redefine the field of sport. She works as part of the futebol union to organize pro female players around their labor rights. Fisher has a BA from Harvard University in Biological Anthropology and MSc in Gender from the London School of Economics. She is part of ccSPORT & the DISCOVERFOOTBALL collective and X-Embassy in Berlin.

Thursday, January 18 – Creating from/in times of crisis
panel discussion with Jadelynn Stahl, Julia Havard, and Juan Manuel Aldape from the Dance Studies Working Group

From environmental disasters to sexual trauma to political upheaval, this past year has encompassed all of this and more. In this discussion we ask how does one create from the tumult or ruins of environmental, political, and personal turmoil? What resources are needed? How do we work together to build networks of support and accountability both on and offstage, inside and outside the studio? How do we, as individuals invested in the creative potential and resiliency of the body, look forward collectively to imagine and actively create a better, more equitable future?

The UC Berkeley Dance Studies Working Group (DSWG) was founded in 2008 by a group of graduate students in the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Department (TDPS) at UC Berkeley. As dance scholars worked to build spaces for dance research and practice in the field of performance studies, graduate students focused on dance within TDPS felt equally compelled to find avenues for developing research and honing practices, thus the birth of DSWG. To this day DSWG exists as a site of inquiry, exploration, and discussion for students, faculty, scholars, practitioners, and community members engaged with dance and movement-based practices. With a focus on process over product, DSWG serves as an incubator to engage with new research and alternate pathways for knowledge production and dissemination, and further support dance practices and research that engage with a wide array of social, political, and cultural issues. DSWG has been and continues to be generously supported by the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

Jadelynn Stahl is a radical, interdisciplinary performance artist and organizer based in Oakland, California. Fusing elements of durational art, video, ritual and burlesque, her work seeks to centralize and complicate socially prevalent narratives concerning systemic cultures of violence, in particular gender-based violence and forced assimilation. Stahl offers her body as a site of artistic investigation, exploring somatic and psychological expression in relation to legacies of trauma as well as cultural, racial and sexual identities.

As a community organizer, Stahl collaborates with both local and national collectives and organizations to incite dialogues that contribute to the movement to end sexual assault, including FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture (Baltimore). She is the founder and lead coordinator of DISCLOSE, a queer, Oakland-based collective of artists and educators committed to facilitating arts-based community engagement in the eradication of sexual violence. Stahl is the recipient of the 2017 East Bay Fund for Artists Award. Her currently developing performance work Choreographies of Disclosure, a long-form collaboration between Bay Area artists and survivors of sexual assault, will be shown in a month-long exhibition at Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland in the Fall of 2018.

Juan Manuel Aldape Munoz is a formerly undocumented, working-class choreographer born in rural Mexico. As practitioner and researcher, his work focuses on movement, migration and mapping discourses related to undocumented bodies and choreographic processes. He is the curator and coordinator of the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers. He co-founded A PerFarmance Project, site-specific collaborations between farmers and performers researching the concept of food security from rural and urban perspectives. He is a PHD candidate in Performance Studies at the University of California Berkeley (USA). He holds an MA in International Performance Research from the University of Warwick (UK), as well as a BFA in Modern Dance and BA in Anthropology from the University of Utah (USA).

Julia Havard is a queer white cis glitter femme who writes about sex, race, disability, queerness and dance in education, activism, and performance. She is a PhD candidate at University of California Berkeley in Theater Dance and Performance Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Gender and Women’s Studies. Her dissertation explores histories and practices of queer burlesque as an activist resource. She practices burlesque as JuJu Sparkle, and most recently has been performing as Carrot Christ, the new new chancellor of UC Berkeley. She co-facilitates a working group at UCB, Radical Queer Decolonial Pedagogies of Composition. In 2017 she co-published the Anti-Milo Digital Toolkit, a resource for shutting down white supremacist alt-right figures such as Milo Yiannapoulis in academic spaces and presented on this work for the Berkeley Center for New Media forum on “Digital Dissent.” In 2016 she co-coordinated a “Survivors’ Symposium” at UCB to create survivor-centered space for survivors of sexual violence. Publication of her work regarding #WhyIStayed as a survivor-centered activist project on Twitter is forthcoming in the anthology #Identity.

Thursday, January 25 – Empathix: Bending Binaries, Bodies and Building Bridges
workshop facilitated by Sarah Bouars + Kristianne Salcines

By queer POCs for queer POCs, Empathix is designed to create an atmosphere for serious physical research in togetherness. We will be doing everything together for each other. This workshop will consist of a series of interactive movement practices/play followed by a facilitated discussions around participants experiences to build trust and intimacy, which we hope will allow us to work towards a community. Everyday, we will begin with breathing together, practicing yoga, qigong, taiji and meditation practice, then leading to physical exercises and practices that focuses on play, love, visibility, coexistence, trust, empathy and serious sweaty, beautifully-ugly inducing moving. Come join us to sweat and heal together.

Sarah Bouars + Kristianne Salcines are both queer people of color, intersectional feminists and are at home in the field of dance/performance-art/choreography. In this workshop we want to develop further our concept of “care and share”, which we created in September 2016 during Queeries into collective feminism at Ponderosa in Stolzenhagen, Germany. “Care and share” strives to use performance as a tool for community building, as well as for healing and developing an empathic eye and deconstructing the perceptions of subject and object. It allows us to open up to a much broader idea of what performance, performer and audience might entail or mean. We are working with a concept developed by us called “queer futurism”, which includes deep ecology, rituals, utopian dreaming, somatic approaches as Tantra, sex magic, ecosex and a lot of love and radical softness.

Sarah + Kristianne and Diana + Devin – With Empathix: breaking binaries – building bridges and EnQueery Within/Queer this Jam!, it is our intention to create spaces of empowerment and healing through sharing, slowing down and seeing each other and ourselves through an empathic lense of acceptance. We understand empowerment as an active process through consent and the practice of detecting and articulating our own needs towards our communities, as well as negotiating the space we share. Both events implicitly consider the conditions, practices and perspectives of community building. Which practices relate us to each other? What is needed to enable mutual solidarity?

Sunday, January 14 – I’m Exhausted So my Soul is Rested: Transnational Epistolaries

8-10pm | Finnish Hall | 1970 Chestnut St., Berkeley | $5-10

FRESH 2018 heads to the East Bay for a performance showcase curated by Chani Bockwinkel and Indira Allegra at Finnish Hall in Berkeley.

Chani Bockwinkel is a performer and filmmaker. She makes interdisciplinary-collaborative-feminist imagery for the stage, gallery, and internet.Her work was most recently shown at: BRIC (NYC), Ponderosa Acre T.V.  INCITE/EXCITE, QUEERSTIAN , BAMPFA (CA), and the Collage Festival (PA)She is also a founding member of SALTA, a feminist dance collective. Currently editing her first feature film called Those Who Wait.

Indira Allegra works with tension as creative material. She is a recipient of the Oakland Individual Artist and Queer Cultural Center grants and has been honored with the Jackson Literary Award, Lambda Literary Fellowship and Windgate Craft Fellowship. Allegra’s work has been featured on BBC Radio 3, Surface Design Magazine and will be featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Art Journal. Her commissions include works for SFMOMA, de Young Museum, The Wattis Institute, City of Oakland, SFJAZZ Poetry Festival and the National Queer Arts Festival. She has screened at festivals such as MIX NYC, Hannover LGBT Festival, Bologna Lesbian Film Festival and Outfest Fusion.

Allegra’s writing has been widely anthologized, she has contributed works to Cream City Review, HYSTERIA Magazine, make/shift Magazine, Sinister Wisdom Journal and Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thought among others. Indira is a former Dr. and Mrs. Ella Tag Lecturer at East Carolina University and has been a visiting artist at the University of Oregon and Southern Denmark University. She has completed residencies at The Banff Centre in Canada, Ponderosa Center in Stolzenhagen, Takt in Berlin, Headlands Center for the Arts and the Djerassi Resident Artist Program. She is a KQED ‘Woman to Watch’ and 2018 Art + Process + Ideas Visiting Artist at Mills College.

Sunday 1/21 – EnQueery Within|Queer this Jam!

6-11pm | Joe Goode Annex | 401 Alabama Street, SF | $5-10 | Register

EnQueery Within|Queer this Jam!
Axis Syllabus/Contact Improvisation Class + Jam with Diana Thielen + Devin Pastika

Please register in advance by filling out the registration form.

In this class, EnQueery Within, we’ll create a space which is focusing on Contact Improvisation using the Axis Syllabus** as a reference. Are you interested in studying the Axis Syllabus and diving deep into Contact Improvisation in this supportive bubble?

Queer this Jam! is a celebratory queer CI jam. Dance has been core and sustaining to queer cultural life, especially in our oppressive past. We were dancing moments before the Stonewall uprising occurred. We have a century of queer dance in San Francisco to inspire us. Let’s recenter queerness in this CI Jam.

The class and the following jam aim to center women, femmes, transgender and intersex folks, butches, studs, queens, radical fairies, two spirits, genderqueers, dykes, gay men, bi’s, and others outside the box to create a queer, feminist safer space. We will make a special effort to reach out to people with disabilities, making the class and jam as accessible as possible. Allies are also welcome here. We invite both beginners and folks of all dance backgrounds. Is your focus hip hop, vogue, tango, salsa, …..? Bring your body and your groove and we’ll together add more possibilities for improvisation. Let’s explore intimacy, trust, the space and movements together. With our diverse bodies we’ll share weight, touch, contact and dances, paving the way for healing from heteronormativity and gender normativity in the dance world and beyond.

Devin and Diana met in 2015 in Sweden, while attending a gathering of Radical Contact, a network of embodied activists and dancers. They were involved in an associated project, World Radical Contact, where they created events simultaneously in three cities – Berlin, Gothenburg, and San Francisco – focusing on CI and left radical politics. Their dance journeys have overlapped a number of ways at the intersection of activism and dance. What continues to bring them together as friends and colleagues is a shared vision and project of making contact improvisation more queer, more feminist, more disability friendly, less apolitical and less white.

Diana Thielen – As a teacher, I see my strength in my genuine wish to support each individual’s journey. Their experiences, as well as, their curiosities, doubts, vulnerabilities and lust to move are invited, to create a safe learning atmosphere. Sharing the time and space, rolling, crawling, turning, running and jumping, sweating together is one of my biggest passions, especially when it includes reflection upon social norms and embodied societal behaviours.

Devin Pastika – I’m a transgender masculine person (he/him). Other words to describe me are queer, poly, kink educator, teacher, ritualist, activist, Jewitch, and passionate dancer. I used to teach theatre and dance in higher education, focusing on the artists and dancers central to social justice movements of the 20th century, which was the topic of my PhD. I’m a recovering academic. I bring years of anti-racist, feminist, and queer teaching in the classroom to CI workshops and CI events where I continue more embodied research and community building. I work with inspired dancers around the world co-organizing and co-facilitating events that link social justice movements to CI in ways that can re-inspire, reinvigorate, and renew. I also co-lead–in a my dancerly way–a variety of pagan and Jewish ritual events throughout the year, where participants explore an earth-based spirituality through embodiment and movement.

Diana + Devin and Sarah + Kristianne – With EnQueery Within/Queer this Jam! and Empathix: breaking binaries – building bridges, it is our intention to create spaces of empowerment and healing through sharing, slowing down and seeing each other and ourselves through an empathic lense of acceptance. We understand empowerment as an active process through consent and the practice of detecting and articulating our own needs towards our communities, as well as negotiating the space we share. Both events implicitly consider the conditions, practices and perspectives of community building. Which practices relate us to each other? What is needed to enable mutual solidarity?

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