Freedom Practice/Quotidian Practice Day – PLEASURE BINGE

Let pleasure be the qualitative filter of the next 24hours.  It’s your world so focus where you see fit, how you eat, speak, touch, think, walk, smell and on and on

Quotidian Practice DAY 1- PLEASURE BINGE

put on an outfit or costume or makeup that makes you feel radically beautiful. or create a space that makes you feel sensually alive. do something to aesthetically activate yourself.

stare at yourself in a mirror for 5 minutes repeating “this is for you baby.”

fall in love with yourself.

commit to 30-60 minutes of pleasure exploration. jerk off, eat chocolate, run a feather up your thigh, laugh for 10 minutes, take a bath, cover yourself in coconut oil, devour a lover, sing your heart out. It can be anything just thrust yourself into sensations of pleasure and enjoyment.

pay attention to what’s happening in your body/mind/spirit.


commit to a 5 minute free write. write on paper. with an ink pen or marker. the wetter the ink the better. see if you can let the pleasure extend into this free flow of your thoughts. write it all down.


lay down, get comfortable, and imagine yourself turning this into a dance. watch yourself as both subject and object. delight in your imaginary improv.