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January 5-27 / San Francisco
9th annual Festival of Experimental Dance | Music | Performance
Joe Goode Annex \ Red Poppy Art House \ F8 Nightclub

FRESH Festival starts the new year with an extravaganza of embodied art, action and interaction, celebrating and showcasing new work, research and ideas in dance, music and performance. FRESH 2018 is 4 weekends of risk-taking mainstage Performances, 3 weeks + weekends of immersive studio Practices and 14 social and inclusive Exchanges inspired and transmitted by the curiosity and generosity of 50+ cutting-edge artists from the Bay Area and beyond. FRESH is open to all interested bodies.

The theme of FRESH 2018 is ANTIDOTE. Pandora’s Box is open and we are in the thick of destabilizing destruction and deconstruction, extraordinarily influenced by nature, history and politics. We are in constant recovery, restructuring or reconstruction, trying to make sense of things, make a difference, make a life, make a living, make a family, make friends, make art. We need to seek new means and methods of resilience, healing and problem solving. We have to make new forms and norms of coexistence and collaboration. We must become the antidotes for the poisons in the world, Pandora’s Box is open and we are our best hope.

FRESH 2018 features 50+ dance, music and performance makers, masters, upstarts and treasures from the Bay Area and beyond, including José Abad | Alexis Akridge | Indira Allegra | Juan Manuel Aldape Munoz | ALTERNATIVA | Larry Arrington | Robbie Beahrs | Travis Bennett | Chani Bockwinkel | Christine Bonansea Company | Sarah Bouars | Keanu Brady | Tara Brandel | Nicole Carroll | Gerald Casel | Gabriel Christian | Abby Crain | Lisa Rybovich Crallé | Dance Studies Working Group | Ryan Austin Dennis | Rachael Dichter | DJ EFX | C.D. Fisher | Allie Hankins | Cookie Harrist | Julia Havard | Keith Hennessy | Kathleen Hermesdorf | Samuel Hertz | Jesse Hewit | Hien Huynh | Ben Juodvalkis | Debby Kajiyama | Kinetech Arts | Layton Lachman | Raymond Larrett | Daiane Lopes da Silva | Violeta Luna | Albert Mathias | David Molina | NAKA Dance Theater | José Navarrete | Nerve Pincher | Kevin O’Connor | Chrysa Parkinson | Devin Pastika | Mara Poliak | Brontez Purnell Dance Company | Randy Reyes | Kristianne Salcines | Mezhgan Saleh | Sara Shelton Mann | Dazaun Soleyn | Ernesto Sopprani | Jadelynn Stahl | J Miakoda Taylor | Diana Thielen | Yoann Trellu | Amelia Uzategui Bonilla | Roberto Varea | Ronja Ver | Amy + Hannah Wasielewski | Miriam Wolodarski Lundberg | Asia Wong | Weidong Yang | Jiayi Young | Shih-Wen Young.

Photo: Robbie Sweeny, Design: Ernesto Sopprani


FRESH Performances present 4 weekends of cutting-edge live art from January 5-27 at Joe Goode Annex, inviting 3 radical and risk-taking dance, music and performance makers each weekend to use the mainstage as a platform for new material and experimentation.




FRESH Practices feature 12 innovative and experienced artists facilitating dance, embodiment, corporeality and physical arts from January 6-26 at Joe Goode Annex. Somatic, technical, experiential, improvisational, creative, performative and human practices for serious practitioners and curious bodies.




FRESH Exchanges offers 14 affordable social community events cultivating and cross-pollinating ideas about art, culture and agency with artists, scholars, thinkers, writers, activists, organizers and audience members.


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