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FRESH2017 Experimental Structures


Inside Experimental Structures [raw materials]

TUESDAYS January 3. 10, 17   

7:30-9:30pm | by donation [notaflof]

Red Poppy Art House [2698 Folsom Street]

Inside Experimental Structures invites artists working on the edge of their form to speak about their work and share excerpts of current projects. Group discussions to follow. Curated and hosted by Abby Crain and José Navarrete.

January 3   
Chani Bockwinkel | Keisha Turner

January 10   
Dia Dear | Sebastian Hernandez

January 17   
Amelia Uzategui Bonilla | Hana Erdman


FRESH EXCHANGES are free and by donation events made to cultivate, cross-pollinate, invigorate, create access and generate outreach within and outwith the dance, music and performance communities. FRESH 2017, in collaboration with local allies, presents 15 new and existing models of interaction. FRESH Exchanges happen from January 2-22 at Red Poppy Art House, Joe Goode Annex and F8 in San Francisco and CTRL+SHFT in Oakland.


January 3   
Chani Bockwinkel | Keisha Turner

Keisha Turner presents We.Here.Now, an intermittent performance/ritual project that asserts the inherent value of black life and black liberation; this iteration addresses the dehumanization of poverty through a black American lens. All ritualized performance that takes place via We.Here.Now rely on the richness of Afro-Diasporan cultural practices to acknowledge, heal from, and begin to dismantle the various manifestations of generational, racialized violence.

Chani Bockwinkel presents Justin Bieber Ted Talk.

January 10   
Dia Dear | Sebastian Hernandez

Dia Dear shares their work,  ‘On Tension ‘.

I’m interested in tension, what it is, how people relate to it, and the power of tension in body-based art. I will show an excerpt of my piece ‘On Tension’ and discuss my interest, performing in clubs / doing ‘pop’ performance art, and the power plays of the queer body on display.

Sebastian Hernandez  presents, “The Question Is Of Course the Answer”.

This work will contemplate and challenge the prompts and powers which I have been given as part of a performer for the “FRESH festival”. I will work with my experiences in The Bay Area and the time I was there as material to influence and project my work forward, culminating in a performance at Red Poppy Art House to an unknown influential art audience.

January 17   
Amelia Uzategui Bonilla | Hana Erdman

Amelia Uzategui Bonilla will show a 15-minute performance piece from The Myth of the Manta, a multi-generational, bilingual expressive arts performance and workshop experience developed with communities of children and adults dancing with handwoven mantas, a cultural symbol of feminine, indigenous wisdom.

Hana Erdman presents 365 routines.  Two artists take turns making eight counts of movement on a daily basis in order to arrive at a one year long choreography. 365 routines looks at the emotional production of choreography through notions of companion practice, and technologies of friendship and collaboration.



Chani Bockwinkel is a performer and filmmaker.

She makes interdisciplinary-collaborative-feminist imagery for the stage, gallery, and internet. She is also a founding member of SALTA collective.

Performer and educator, Keisha Turner, has Chicago and Brooklyn roots, and is based in Oakland, CA. Keisha is a creative change-maker with growing ties to the many resistance movements taking place in the Bay Area. In her artistic practice, she values the ability of African American/African diasporic traditions of dance and improvisation to intersect with contemporary performance art to tell stories that probe issues of politics, culture, and identity.

Keisha is also a certified yoga instructor, and is committed to offering body-positive, life-affirming classes that create space for participants to prioritize self-care and self-awareness as an entry point to engaging with their communities.

Dia Dear – My performance art combines gay club aesthetics of appearance, movement, and attitude with their opposites. I use trickery, sincerity, and pop culture to create emotionally visceral and visually fascinating images through live performance. I am educated in performance and art practice largely by participating in San Francisco, California’s diverse drag community. My work has been featured in various festivals and curated shows in the United States and internationally. I have danced for and collaborated with celebrated choreographers and emerging international artists. Most recently, I was a recipient of the Maroc Artist Meeting Residency in collaboration with Marrakech Biennale 6: Not New Now Marrakech, Morocco (2016) and Musik I Syd Future Legends Residency in Malmö Sweden (2015).

Sebastian Hernandez is an LA native and multi-disciplinary artist who received his B.A. in Art Practice and Dance and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley in 2016. He makes art that ranges from drawings to paintings and performance art works. Hernandez employs a feminist theoretical analysis, queer theory, browness and notions of collectivity as modes of thinking and generating works that shift and complicate Mexican and Chicano narratives in the contemporaneous social imagination. His art making is influenced by an embedded connection to his indigenous Aztec/Mexica heritage and the history of the brown body in relation to the U.S.-Mexico borderland. Sebastian’s movement based practice is informed by his long-standing practice of danza Azteca, Vogue and the more recent wide range of modern dance techniques he acquired at Cal. Sebastian’s work inherently challenges traditional notions of space as he deals with his work’s interdisciplinary nature within both art and dance contexts.

Amelia Uzategui Bonilla (Peru/USA) dedicates herself to arts education, performance, and social justice. In 2013, Amelia co-founded Rio Danza Comunitaria, a cultural organization dedicated to promoting human integration and environmental consciousness through the arts, based in Lima, Peru. She is a graduate from The Juilliard School and the Tamalpa Institute and resides in Oakland, CA.

Hana Lee Erdman is a dance artist who works with choreography and curatorial practices, approaching performance from both embodied and relational sensibilities. Her work generates a space of public intimacy and sensitivity, proposing the practice of being together as a creative one. She wants to see what and how we can do together in order to create potential for transformative experiences through subtle and subversive shifts of power and exchange. Her work is presented internationally. She has a bachelor’s degree in Art History from UCLA and a masters degree from the University of the Arts Berlin (HZT).


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