Quotidian Practice #3 – SUBMISSION



identify something that you are resistant to. something that you generally have a hard time submitting to, or simply don’t submit to.


a few personal examples from Jesse and Larry are:

-engaging in small talk

-calling my grandmother on the phone to talk

-sitting still, awake, and doing nothing

-dressing like the thing many people probably perceive you as/aka acting your part. (Jesse resists being read as a total bearded hipster boy, and tries to dress to resist!)

-being still in a space or environment in which you are usually totally active.

-spending more than 15 dollars on a meal, engaging in celebrity culture, shopping…

-thinking about something that is painful or overwhelming, that you usually back away from when your thoughts go there…


NOW SIT DOWN for 10 minutes, and with this thing in mind:

-first two minutes: have your thoughts

-next four minutes: name all your thoughts as you have them (i.e.: desire, anger, smallness, boredom, anxiety, judgment, indifference, quickness, no, yes, stop, gross, please)

-last four minutes: imagine you are lying horizontally on the bottom of a shallow river, and your thoughts are the water, just flowing right over you. just like water, baby. they are above you and they are swishing right by. just stay down there and let ’em swish.



lean into this thing that you identified as having resistance toward. DO the thing. submit to the thing.



…and imagine yourself completely inside of a dance that you are NOT DOING, but one that is DOING YOU. one that does all the lifting, that indicates all the directions, that creates all the movement choices for you. You’re just letting it DO you.