We’ve talked a great deal about choice over the course of the week. some have proposed that, to choose, we are quieting/killing/eliminating possibility. We’ve considered the illusion of choice as a tool of larger social/political structures that keep us locked out of our own desires/freedoms/potentials. We’ve talked about choice as privilege, choice as power, choice as prison.

With these complicated notions of choice as a frame, we want to consider how “choices” have constructed our individual lives as we know them, and learn to locate our desires within that history and context of our choice-making.

What components of your life are constructed by choices that YOU have made?

How about the components constructed by choices that you DIDN’T make….perhaps ones made for you?

Secondly, how have our desires guided and/or resisted the choices we’ve made, and how have they guided and/or resisted the choices we didn’t make?

EIther way, here you are…so…now what?

As a general filter for the next 24 hours consider the space between desire and choice. Example: Dinner Time/ What do you really want to eat? do you really want to eat? do you really care about what you eat? What has led you to these desires? How might they affect your choices about dinner? Examine desire and choice in everything.

This practice is about softening the urgency around our choice making by taking inventory of what’s here (and what’s gotten us here). Spend some time in the space between desire and choice. Try leaning into your desires, try trusting them radically, and imagine their possible impact on the world.

So…choose a place you really DESIRE to be in (your bed, the moonlight, a bath, anywhere). Get a pen and paper.

First, spend some time reflecting on how your desires affect your choices, and how those choices have constructed your life and your practice. From this relationship to desire, to choice, your life, and your practice, write a love letter to the world. Tell what you know, offer what you don’t know, and tell the world exactly what you desire for her. Fall in love with her and make her fall in love with you