January 5-27 in San Francisco, CA

at the Joe Goode Annex, Red Poppy Art House, and more

Stay tuned for more details…

Click here to see photos from FRESH 2017

FRESH Festival 2017

ALTERNATIVA is thrilled to launch FRESH 2017, San Francisco’s 8th annual Festival of Experimental Dance + Performance, from January 2-22, celebrating and showcasing the abundance of embodied art, action, innovation and inclusion in the Bay Area with 3 immersive weeks of cutting-edge Performances, intensive Practices and interactive Exchanges. The theme of FRESH 2017 is empathy/disruption.

FRESH Festival sounds like something that might attract foodies. In fact you do need an appetite — for thinking way outside of the box. The participating dancers, musicians, designers, and writers feed on each other’s disciplines to stretch their own thinking about who they are and what they want to do. If sometimes the “how” intrigues more than the “what,” so be it. Watching new modes emerging can be such an upper.  – Rita Felciano


FRESH PERFORMANCES invite cutting-edge dance, music and performance makers to share the stage as a platform for research, experimentation and live testing of new material. FRESH 2017 presents 3 weekends of original works at Joe Goode Annex, curating 3 artists each weekend who push the boundaries of forms, method and content.


FRESH PRACTICES are 3 weeks and 3 weekends of immersive research and training in dance and related forms at Joe Goode Annex. Facilitated by innovative artists for serious practitioners and interested bodies, FRESH Practices explore corporeality, somatic awareness, movement techniques, improvisational modalities, creative processes, performance experiments, embodied theories and human potential.


FRESH EXCHANGES are free and by donation events made to cultivate, cross-pollinate, invigorate, create access and generate outreach with many dance, music and performance communities. FRESH 2017, in collaboration with local allies, presents 15 new and existing models of interaction. FRESH Exchanges happen at Red Poppy Art House, Joe Goode Annex and F8 Nightclub in San Francisco, and CTRL+SHFT in Oakland.

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